Gordon Chiropractic Back Pain



Pain is a warning sign. It is like a fire alarm going off. The alarm is not the problem, it has a cause, just like every pain or ache in your body has a cause.

Some people decide to cover up the pain instead of correcting the cause.

What will your approach be?

Doesn’t it make more sense to correct the cause instead of merely treating symptoms.

  • Early Signs

    Mid-Back pain may occur when the middle 12 vertebrae shift out of alignment causing inflammation and pressure on the disc. If you are feeling pain in your lower back please see Lumbar Spine.

    Initially the pain may vary from a numbing pain to sporadic sharp pains.

    You may also notice:

    • Tightness or discomfort between your shoulder blades
    • Restricted shoulder movement
    • Pain when sneezing or coughing
    • Decreased strength
  • Bad Cases
    • Have severe shooting pain
    • Be kinked over or crooked
    • Excruciating pain on movement
    • Pain radiating along your neck, chest and arms

    The most common Cause of Middle back pain is

    • bad posture
    • falls or accidents
    • repetitive movements
    • lifting, bending or twisting
  • If Ignored

    If ignored your initial symptoms may worsen. When the inflammation and pressure in the disc is not treated it may begin to cause pressure on the spinal nerve.

    In extreme cases, the pressure on the discs can lead to disc protrusion, prolapsed or bulge; eventually leading to permanent damage and potentially the need for spinal surgery.

    When people who suffer from back pain adjust their posture to relieve their discomfort, it actually worsens their posture. Back pain interferes with their daily activities and hobbies.

  • How Gordon Chiropractic Can Help?

    Our promise to you is that we will not waste your time and money. After a thorough examination, inspecting the nerves, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons we will locate the exact cause and determine whether Chiropractic care can help you.

    See patient videos to watch a Gonstead adjustment being performed.

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